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Guided Visualization - The Healing Place

Healing Before Antibiotics

Throughout history mankind has always had places to go to for healing. Whether the aborigines of Australia, the Greeks at Delphi, the Indians at the Hot Springs, these places were regularly visited by the sick in body and spirit. And these healing places worked long before antibiotics.

Most were characterized by clean air and water, nice temperature, hot springs, plain food. Most important was the expectation that they would be healed, boosted by the knowledge that other individuals had been cured there. People with asthma and arthritis did get better because the hot water, the rest, the clean air allowed their natural steroids to regenerate. Headaches got well; they got away from their problems and saw things in a new light. Or they discussed their problems with "counselors" or priests.

For many ills that doctors don't have a magic pill for, going to a healing place can be of help. I would like to teach you how to go to a place of healing for this benefit.

Road Map to A Healing Place

Take off your shoes. Sit or lie comfortably. Turn your palms down. Close your eyes. Breathe in 4 and out 6. As you exhale let this be a signal to relax. Picture yourself on a boat or vehicle approaching this beautiful island . The water is crystal clear, you can see down to the bottom and see the fish in the water. Try to identify them. As you approach the island you see hills or mountains green and with all kinds of trees and flowers. You step onto the warm sand, feel the sand. You smell the flowers. You hear the wind in the trees and so many birds singing. Some of the trees have fruit and you taste the fruit and it is delicious. You feel the coolness of the leaves. Maybe someone has a radio because you hear music as well.

When you feel that you have arrived at this place, turn your palms up. Now you can feel the rays of sun and healing that this place is famous for. You drink the clean water that this island is noted for. You bathe in the healing springs that so many have raved about. And you may wish to speak to some of the counselors about anything that is on your mind.

Spend as much time as you wish here. Know that this is another of the healing places that have helped mankind since the beginning of time.

The Return Trip

When you are ready to return, put your palms down, get back on the boat or vehicle and open your eyes. Physiologically, if I were to measure you, you would find that some healing has actually taken place!

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Last Update 14 May 1997
Murray Grossan M.D.