Curriculum Vitae
Murray Grossan M.D.

Board Certified: American Board Of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers
8631 W Third St. Suite 440 East
Los Angeles, Ca. 90048
Phone (310) 659-1006 Fax (310) 652-9906

Education:University of Georgia School of Medicine1948
InternshipNew York Polyclinic1949
ResidencyEar Nose Throat NYU Bellevue1951
Board CertificationAmerican Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
AppointmentsQualified Medical Examiner1995
Independent Medical Examiner
Hospital StaffCentinela Valley Hospital, Inglewood
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, Inglewood
Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital, Marina del Rey
Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles
ChairmanEar Nose and Throat Dept Centinela Hospital 1988 - 91
MemberInternational Society of Aquatic Medicine
Diving PhysicianNAUI Advanced Diver
California Otolaryngology Society
American Association For the Study of Headache
Biofeedback Research Society
Los Angeles County Medical Association
California Medical Association
Ethics Committee - Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital

Consultant for: Los Angeles County District Attorney,U.S. Department of Labor, Freemont Insurance, Water and Power, Industrial Indemnity, Los Angeles City, L.A. County, Culver City , Manhattan Beach, and others President, Los Angeles Chapter of Phi Lambda Kappa Medical Fraternity

Awarded Certificate of Merit for the Scientific Exhibit "Nasal Mucociliary Flow", by American Medical Association

Recommended Referral List: Divers Alert Network

Tinnitus Association,

Headache Association

Meniere's Association.

Partial List of Publications

Nasal Function:

  • Enhancing the Mucociliary System. Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners. April 17, 1995. 8:12-13

  • Office Measurement of Nasal Mucociliary Clearance. English: Otolaryngology 1994, Vol 2 Chapter 7

  • Mucociliary Flow in Otolaryngology Practice. Insights In Otolaryngology. August 1993, 8:2-8

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  • A New Nasal Irrigator Device. The eye, ear nose and throat monthly. March 1974

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    Scuba Diving

  • Survival Medicine for a Dive Vacation Skin Diver. March 1982 Volume 31

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  • If You're going to be an Inventor, Be Prepared. Phi Delta Epsilon News Spring 1976

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  • The Twenty Dollar Tinnitus Masker-a drug free approach to Managing Tinnitus. The Hearing Journal. June 1995. 48:39-40

  • Treatment of Subjective Tinnitus with Biofeedback. Ear Nose and Throat Monthly Nov 1976.

  • A Brief Introduction to Biofeedback for Otolaryngologists. O.R.L. Digest, February 1975

  • The Hearing Examination: A one hour video course approved for credit.


  • Treatment of Migraine with a Vasodilator - Nicotinyl Alcohol. O.R.L. Digest March 1975

    Temperomandibular Joint Disease

  • Treatment of Temperomandibular Joint Disease with Biofeedback Chapter in: The Temperomandibular Joint by Leland House 1989

    Murray Grossan, MD.
    Board Certified Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
    8631 W. 3rd Street Suite 440 E
    Cedars Sinai Hospital Medical Towers
    Los Angeles, Ca 90048
    (310) 659 1006 fax (310) 652 9906
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