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      MCC Presentation

Dr. Steven Houser has kindly made his powerpoint presentation, Nasal Mucociliary Clearance, available to interested persons.
This presentation was given at The Academy of Otolaryngology meeting, Washington DC, Sept 24 2000, by Steven Houser M.D. and Murray Grossan M.D. For more information about the presentation, please contact Steven Houser, M.D., shouser144@yahoo.com, or Murray Grossan, M.D. ENTConsult@aol.com.

  1. This presentation is provided as supplementary material for those doctors who attended the meeting. The material is copyright protected, and may not be reproduced in part or whole without explicit written permission from the authors.
  2. The presentation is in MS Powerpoint 98 format. Check to see that you have Powerpoint98 or better. Powerpoint 4 may not be able to read this.
  3. After download, you must open the presentation from the "open" menu, and you MUST first display "show all files". The file will not open if you click on it, and it will not, initially, be recognized as a powerpoint file.
  4. We no longer offer the presentation for download on-demand, but you may arrange to get your own copy by emailing dr. Grossan with your request.

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