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Cervical (Neck) Pain

Do you have Cervical Pain (Neck pain)

There are many causes of neck pain including arthritis, whiplash injury, poor posture, poor chairs.

A common offender is sitting on a very soft sofa. You sink into it, then have to strain the neck to see the T.V. Whatever the cause, certain excercises will help, especially stretching the neck. Stand in the shower, shower to the back of the neck. Gently, turn to see who is standing behind you. With the shower, try leaning the head onto the shoulder, side to side. Always be gentle. Often the neck pain is caused by a build up of lactic acid, the waste product of muscle metabolism. You can try slow release Niacin, 125 milligrams twice a day for removal of this lactic acid. Some people get good relief from non steroidal anti inflammatory pills such as Aleve or Advil. Unfortunately, these can irritate the stomach, therefore try to limit the amount of these pills.

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