Free Yourself from Sinus & Allergy Problems ...Permanently

by Dr. Murray Grossan, M.D.

Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems –Permanently By Murray Grossan, M.D. ISBN number 978-0-578-00156-2

This new book, available Winter 2009, is just in time for the expected winter sinus season.

Dr Murray Grossan is the co-author of “The Sinus Cure,” now in its second edition. Dr Grossan has innovated many drug free sinus methods. He is the inventor of the Hydro Pulse® Nasal –Sinus Irrigator which has received awards including Time’s Invention of the Year as a drug free treatment for sinus and allergy disease.

Why this book? Dr Grossan explained:

“I felt that a book explaining non-antibiotic treatment for sinus disease was needed. To the point, I see patients with sinus disease in my practice who have failed weeks of antibiotic treatment, and their problem is always the same: slow or inactive nasal cilia. I learned from Indra Devi, the Yoga Master, how they treat sinus disease without antibiotics, and this book gives those details.”

The book, in addition to sinus and allergy, is about managing the complications of sinus disease including breath, sleep, voice and asthma problems. Free yourself takes advantage of the new science of psychoneuroimmunology which shows how relaxation can assist the body’s own immune system. “By reducing stress, you reduce the inflammatory factors that prevent natural healing.”

Dr Grossan has treated many thousands of severe sinus patients. Even when antibiotic treatment is necessary, his innovation of delivering drugs directly to the sinuses via pulsatile irrigation enables patients to get well without the side effects of oral antibiotics. If nasal congestion, snoring or bad breath is your symptom, you will find good answers in this book.


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